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Patricia Finke

Operations Manager; Sweetest Guesthouses

Patricia is originally from Germany and joined our team in 2019. With her vast experience in the hotel industry and having worked for both hotels and various cruise liners, she is in charge of the smooth running of all our Guesthouses and self-catering Apartments. With the Scooter she is quick to get around Sea Point and ensures both guests and staff are taken care off.

Tendai, Stanley And Team


Tendai and Stanley are at the heart of our maintenance team and ensure that all Guesthouses, vehicles and equipment are in perfect running condition. With 5 Guesthouses and one Head Office there is always enough work to go around, be it a light bulb that needs fixing or the wooden deck that must be sanded off and re-varnished. They are a vital part of our operations team.

Gabriel Juyoux


Gabriel is a Sea Point resident, speaks French and joined our team at the end of 2019. He assists with the daily operations at the various guesthouses and can frequently be seen on the scooter dashing back and forth between the properties. Apart from this, Gabriel also assist with the check-ins and ensure our guests feel right at home with us.

Robin Blake


Robin joined the team in 2019 and is also a Sea Point resident. He is responsible for our check-ins and makes sure they have everything they need. Apart from that, Robin also assist with the daily operations of our guesthouses.

Isaac Amon


Isaac also joined our team at the end of 2019 and together with Gabriel and Robyn he is responsible for the check-ins at all our guesthouses and our client’s well-being. He also assists with the daily operations in the Sweetest Guesthouses portfolio.

Bill Mans


Bill joined our team in late 2019 and forms part of our Operations team. From our Head Quarters in Barkly Road he does our weekly shopping run and ensures we have only the best fresh fruit for our breakfast table.

Moreblessing Sibanda


In July 2012 Moby joined our team as a chambermaid / housekeeper. She showed interest in the admin side of our group and in August 2014 she was promoted to Administration Clerk and was able to assist as well in the Reservation Department. In June 2015 Moby became the 1st African Lady riding a Scooter. She is now in charge of the Daily Operation at all guesthouses and keeps the linkage between the admin department and operation.

Memory Shona

Supervisor Of Sweet Ocean View Guesthouse AND Sweetest Apartments

Starting in November 2012 as a chambermaid / housekeeper she was promoted in March 2016 to the Supervisor of Sweet Ocean View Guesthouse & Sweet Berries Holidays. She takes pride in making sure that the guests are feeling comfortable by anticipating their needs and is most attentive thus provides and outstanding service with her touch of African Charm.

Vaina Chimene

Supervisor Of Sweet Orange Guesthouse & Sweet Lemon Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Vaina joined the team in March 2016 as a housekeeper. Due to her professionalism she was soon promoted to Supervisor for Sweet Orange Guesthouse & Sweet Lemon Boutique Bed & Breakfast. Together with the chambermaids she makes sure, that our guest having a home away from home. adv sweetorange065.jpg advisor sweetorange063.jpg